New Pisces Sushi Bistro Earns Rave Reviews

Anyone who has enjoyed fine cuisine during your visits to Beso Del Sol Resort may have been sad to see one of Dunedin’s favorites close for good.

When Italian Bistro Pensare shut its doors, heads may have lowered in disappointment. But when one door closes, a sushi bar opens!

Reviewer Jon Palmer Claridge from Creative Loafing Tampa Bay was equally excited to see what would take Pensare’s place. Below are some highlights from his dinner experience at Pisces, the new fish in town.


A mosquito sitting on yellow wall indoor. Extreme close-up.

Zika on the Rise: Protect Yourself Against Mosquitos

“A hurricane hasn’t hit Florida on Gov. Rick Scott’s watch, but he finds himself trying to guide the state through a more insidious and invisible public health threat. Call it Hurricane Zika.” This excerpt from a recent article in the Tampa Bay Times is part of one of the many resurging stories about the Zika virus.

So far the virus has only been identified in a small section of Miami according to an article in the Washington Post, with no sign that it’s spreading elsewhere, so there’s no reason to worry about your Beso Del Sol Resort vacation, but steering clear of mosquito bites is a smart move no matter what.


Pokemon Go Tips

“Catch Them All” in St. Pete and Clearwater

You’ve just joined the Pokémon Go craze and you’re catching and hatching like a champ, but you’re getting ready to take off on your Beso Del Sol Resort vacation.

No worries – your vacation could actually be really good for your game! Just hop over to St. Pete and Clearwater, where your friends at Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater have collected tips on where you can look for the little guys while fully enjoying some of the area’s best attractions.