Red Starfish on the beachfront

Beware the Red Tide

Those who frequent Florida beaches are probably familiar with the Red Tide phenomena. Red Tide refers to a naturally-occurring, higher-than-normal concentration of the microscopic algae Karenia brevis.

This organism produces a toxin that affects the central nervous system of fish so that they are paralyzed and cannot breathe. As a result, red tide blooms often result in dead fish washing up on Gulf beaches. When red tide algae reproduce in dense concentrations or “blooms,” they are visible as discolored patches of ocean water, often reddish in color.



Fall Fun in Florida (Yes, We Have Seasons)

People may think Florida doesn’t really have seasons, but it’s not true. While fall in Florida may not look like a riot of color from changing leaves or lead to brisk temps, shortly after Labor Day Floridians and visitors alike look forward to citrus coming back into season and temperatures edging back from the 90s.

One way to enjoy these gifts of nature is by taking a historic walking tour. If you’re visiting Beso Del Sol Resort this fall, soak up some local history and enjoy the citrus blooms on a refreshing walk through some of Tampa’s most fascinating cities. Most tours are offered in the fall and winter months (October through May).