“Catch Them All” in St. Pete and Clearwater

You’ve just joined the Pokémon Go craze and you’re catching and hatching like a champ, but you’re getting ready to take off on your Beso Del Sol Resort vacation.

No worries – your vacation could actually be really good for your game! Just hop over to St. Pete and Clearwater, where your friends at Visit St. Petersburg/Clearwater have collected tips on where you can look for the little guys while fully enjoying some of the area’s best attractions.

We see you! You’re in one of America’s most beautiful destinations and you’re wandering aimlessly with your eyes glued to your cell phone in search of Pokémon critters…We understand. Pokémon GO is addictive and fun, so here’s a few tips to get you to the best PokéStops and more in St. Pete/Clearwater. –Visit St. Pete Clearwater

1. Find Loads of Pokémon on America’s #1 Beach

Turns out humans aren’t the only beings that love Clearwater Beach! You’ll find tons of Pokémon swarming America’s #1 Beach, especially near Pier 60. Insider tip: There’s this thing called The Dolphin Trail and nearly every dolphin is a PokéStop. While you’re there: Grab a lunch at Clear Sky Beachside Café or a cold beverage at Surfside Tap House. Both are located near the biggest hot spots. 

2. Discover 70 Acres Crawling with Pokémon

When was the last time you went to Largo Central Park? We’re going to guess you’ve probably never been. Aside from it being an amazingly beautiful park, this place is considered Pokémon Heaven with a high concentration of PokéStops, lures and Poké-trainers. Insider tip: Don’t just limit yourself to the front of the park. Go all the way to the back for lots of shade, perhaps a ride on the mini train and more Pokémon. While you’re there: After you’ve exhausted all 70 acres of Largo Central Park, stop by Barley Mow Brewing for a cold beer.

3. Look for Pokémon in Artistic Hot Spots

It’s no surprise that Pokémon love to hangout in downtown St. Pete – who doesn’t!? While meandering down Beach Drive and walking the various blocks of Central Avenue is a welcomed journey, we found these guys really love the arts and nature. Insider tip: Find PokéStops in alleyways near colorful murals and in popular parks such as Straub Park or Vinoy Park. While you’re there: Put your feet up, drink a cold craft beer and catch Pokémon til your heart’s content at the lure hot spot, Hops & Props. (There are four PokéStops within 100 feet, with lures constantly going off!)

4. Catch Pokémon for Free Stuff

It’s no secret that businesses are capitalizing on Pokémon GO, so why shouldn’t you reap some of the benefits? Playing the game can get you discounted bar tabs, free coffee, free toys and more. Insider tip: Find such specials in St. Pete at Stillwaters TavernRed Mesa CantinaFunky SweetsKahwa Coffee, and the Rowdies Den. While you’re there: Ask your server or bartender for the current Pokémon specials. 

5. Be Chauffeured to the Best PokéStops

Because sometimes you get tired from hatching those eggs…An electric cab service called SPRides now offers a Pokémon GO Safari to shuttle you around for 90 minutes to all of the best PokéStops in downtown St. Pete. A safari ride will set you back $75 for two people, but if you’re pressed for time and energy, it could be worth it. Insider tip: While you catch wartortles, pikachus and magikarps, your PokéGuide will also act as a tour guide of the city with insights on St. Pete’s history and fun facts. 

There you have it! You can have your Beso Del Sol Resort vacation and Pokémon too.

Are you a Pokémon Go addict? Give us your tips for playing away from home.

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