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First Stop: Dunedin Historical Museum

You’ve arrived at Beso Del Sol Resort, settled in and taken a breath. Now you’re thinking about what to visit first. Why not take a 15-minute walk over to the Dunedin Historical Museum (DHM) and learn a little bit about the delightful city in which you’ve landed?

Not only has the DHM been named “Best Historical Museum in the Tampa Bay Area” by Tampa Bay Magazine for the past five years, the Museum hosts many events that make it even more fun to explore Dunedin.

Take the Tour

A standard tour at the Dunedin Historical Museum lasts approximately an hour, focusing on Dunedin’s history and current exhibits.

woman looks at Dunedin History Museum exhibit
Fascinating artifacts from Dunedin’s rich history can be seen at the Dunedin Historical Museum.

Historical Exhibit

Based on a book by Heather King, the DHM has an exhibit called “Pieces of the Past: Dunedin’s History in Objects.” The exhibit breaks Dunedin’s history into three distinct periods: 1880s-1900s, 1910s-1930s and 1940s-1960s, with stories told through artifacts from that time.

Walking Tour Events

Check out these ongoing Museum-sponsored events.

Victorian Sunset Stroll
Take a lantern-guided evening stroll along secluded Victoria Drive and hear personal anecdotes about its early 1880s homes, those who lived there and details of Dunedin’s early days. Tours are offered the second Friday of every month, October-May, starting at 5:15 and last about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Cost is $15.

Downtown Walking Tour
Discover Dunedin’s early history and learn about its historic structures as the tour guide tells stories that reveal the history of the town. Tours are offered the third Friday of every month, October-May, starting at 10 a.m. and last about 1 hour. Cost is $15.

There are other periodic events throughout the year, including cemetery tours, galas and cocktail events. Visit dunedinmuseum.org or call 727-736-1176 to find out what’s happening.

The DHM is a little piece of history. Add it to your itinerary for a more memorable Beso Del Sol Resort vacation.

COMMENT: Do you like to visit historic museums? Which ones are your favorite?

Photos courtesy of the Dunedin Historical Museum

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