Millions of Years in the Making: Dinosaurs Return to Florida

Have the dinosaurs actually been brought back from fossil status to once again roam the earth? If you visit Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa this summer, you may think so.

The Dinos Alive! interactive exhibit at the zoo is a life-like walkthrough that mimics the jungles and habitats ancient dinosaurs once inhabited – with the inhabitants themselves making frequent appearances. No worries, these dinos are a great deal more friendly than their original counterparts.

Spring is always a great time to visit Lowry Park Zoo, which is just a 45-minute drive from Beso Del Sol Resort. The Dinos Alive! exhibit runs through August.

From the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus to the plant-eating Brachiosaurus, the interactive, multi-sensory dinosaurs will entertain guests with natural movements and noises. The experience is educational as well, providing insight on how dinosaurs adapted and thrived for millions of years, and why they went extinct.

Guests can get up close to the colossal Dilophosaurus, Quetzalocoatlus, Suchomimus and more.

In addition, visitors can:

  • Get a Dino Passport full of fun facts
  • Visit activity areas where they can search for fossils at the “Fossil Fun” dig site
  • Take in the show “Dinos Among Us”
  • Build their own dinosaur at “Build-a-Saurus”
  • Feast on dino-sized food and drinks at the recently renovated Dino Grille

The cost of Dinos Alive! is free with daytime admission.

Feel like you’ve taken a step back in time (about 65 million years) and check out the Dinos Alive! Interactive experience.

COMMENT: Have you been to Lowry Park Zoo? What are your favorite things to see?

Victoria Hoffman

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