A Rare Sweet Treat

They’re not ranked No. 1 of 136 places to eat in Dunedin on Trip Advisor for no reason. When you’re visiting Beso Del Sol Resort, treating yourself to a cold slice (or scoop) of heaven at Strachan’s Ice Cream and Desserts is a must.

According to some, Strachan’s is the “best in Tampa Bay”, probably because of their homemade ice cream, award-winning desserts and friendly small-town atmosphere.

Photo by Jessie Salmans

With two locations in Dunedin and Palm Harbor, Strachan’s has an irresistible lineup of goodies. Here are just a few of the favorites.

Nearly 50 Flavors

If you can imagine it as an ice cream flavor, Strachan’s probably has it. Here are some of the more exotic flavors that would be fun to explore:

  • Carrot Cake: Carrot cake batter ice cream with chunks of our award winning carrot cake
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake: Pureed Pumpkin, warm spices, swirls of cream cheese icing and Chunks of New York Cheesecake
  • Egg Nog: Thick creamy eggnog and warm winter spices
  • Blue Jay: Smooth vanilla with ribbons of decadent caramel, roasted salted nuts and cracker jacks- perfect for after the game!
  • Cookie Monster: Sugar cookie batter blended with cream and packed with homemade chocolate chip cookies and Oreos
  • Coffee n’ Cookie: Rich, strong coffee, cream and Oreos
  • Purple Cow: Fruity Grape from our purple cows!
  • Smurf: Tutti Fruitti blue cream with marshmallows

They also have soft serve, delicious fruity sorbets and sherbet.

You Deserve Dessert

All that ice cream is no excuse for neglecting to sample Strachan’s signature confections.

Mrs. Strachan’s Carrot Cake (#1 in Tampa Bay for 15 years): Each hand mixed batch packs 14 cups of pecans and 5 pounds of freshly shredded local carrots. Each cake is smothered with sweet and buttery special sauce when it is pulled hot from the oven so the cake just soaks up that sauce for incredible moisture. Then it’s on to the smothering: cakes are iced with sweet cream cheese icing made from scratch daily.

Key Lime Pie: Made all naturally with key lime juice from Florida limes, each pie is pulled from the oven and topped generously with sweet whipped meringue that’s then torched to caramelized perfection. You can also get the key lime pie dipped in chocolate on a portable hand-held stick, perfect for enjoying a delicious treat while taking in downtown sites (genius).

Reese’s Peanut Butter Pie: This decadent dessert is served in a graham cracker shell that is filled with light and fluffy sweet peanut buttery concoction three inches high! The top is coated with crushed pieces of Reese’s peanut butter cups, then drizzled with rich, thick fudge.

I’d write more but I’m having deep cravings for dessert now.

Have you been to Strachan’s? Tell us what you ate and what you recommend!

Cover photo courtesy of Strachan’s Ice Cream & Desserts

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